Hyejin Song is a independent designer working in identity system and art direction. She graduated from School of Visual Arts. Previously worked with Google, The New Company, Pentagram, Base Design, PORTO ROCHA, and Apple.

A full resume and portfolio is available upon request.


Netflix Tudum
Studio: Porto Rocha

Centered around Netflix original series and characters, the book-magazine hybrid features exclusive content, interviews with actors, quizzes, puzzles, and more, connecting fans with the brand through an unexpected format and providing entertainment.

Moving seamlessly from paper to web to stage, Tudum also came to life through an interactive digital format and a three-day live event that reached over 1 million streams on Youtube.


Creative Direction:
Leo Porto
Felipe Rocha

Project Management:
Nicholas Schröder

Leo Porto
Felipe Rocha
Hyejin Song
Glauber Sampaio

3D & Video:
Rafael Eifler
Rodrigo de Carvalho

Nicholas Schröder
Ramya Shankar

English Copywriting:
Casey Jane Ellison

Editorial Project & Content:

Illustration Direction:
Tátil Design

Website Development:

Live Event Production:

Case Study Photography:
Mari Juliano

Editor-in-Chief: Paulo Lima
Managing Director: Carlos Sarli
Special Projects and Events Director: Ana Paula Wehba
Content Director: Felipe Gil
Creative Director: Rafaela Ranzani
Art Director: Thiago Bolotta
Planning: Victor Martinez
Graphic Production Manager: Walmir Graciano

Executive Editor: Heloisa Joly
Editor: Giuliana Bergamo
Art Editor: Rafael Costa
Graphic Designer: Rodrigo Pickersgill
Executive Producer: Mariana Haddad
Writers: Madama Brona, Carolina Nalon, Alan Soares, Lucas Veloso, Karoline Gomes, Dandara Fonseca, Beatriz Macruz
Proofreader: Luiza Thebas
Translation: César Turim

Photographers: Julia Rodrigues, Jesus Carlos, Jeferson Delgado, Lucas Avila, Potira, Caruana, Thiago De Lucena
Retouching: Fujocka, Roberto Longatto

Illustrators: Butcher Billy, Camila Rosa, Carlo Giovani, Fabrizio Lenci, Lebassis, Giovanna Cianelli, Paula Cruz

Daniel Dranger, Maria Colella, Amanda Vidigal, Nana Caetano, Stela Pagan

Leograf Gráfica E Editora